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All Around The World With McDonald's
(Spec work, 2023)


During my internship with DDB, Mumbai, I had the opportunity to work extensively on McDonald's India. So, because I was already working for a brand that is almost everywhere in the world, I decided to give myself the brief and create a campaign that highlights the feeling of McDonald's being almost everywhere at a low cost.


When one thinks of a food chain, McDonald's comes to mind. A location that you know you'll come across practically everywhere on your travels. A quick and easy pick-me-up that can be relied on regardless of country or city. All on a very low cost.


To emphasize the point that McDonald's is practically everywhere, we execute a little stunt on Google Maps to put McDonald's all over the world, literally.


The Google Maps automobile travels around the world on a fixed schedule every 1-2 years. People eating and enjoying their McDonald's lunch are intentionally placed in spots where automobiles would pass by so that they appear in Google Maps Street View.

1 times square person.png
1 bandra person.png
1 south korea person.png
1 hamburg person.png
1 argentina person.png
billboard ad mcd  shibuya.png
billboard ad 3 shibuya.png
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